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PRINT Printed materials remain a fundamental part of how a business entity presents itself to the world. From many years in the printing industry, I have gained extensive experience producing pieces of all kinds for print reproduction. From business cards to giant trade show graphics, from product packaging to vehicle wraps, from custom illustration to photo retouching there's very little I haven't tackled at one time or another. There are representative examples of some of them in my on-line gallery. Plus, I love new challenges, so even if you don't see it here, don't be afraid to ask! Please contact me for pricing.

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IDENTITY So, who are you, anyway? This is an important question for any business. I've helped companies both large and small develop strong, consistent branding for their products and services. If you are just starting out, I can help you with logo design, stationery and marketing collateral, for both print and web. Or perhaps your company has a long and glorious history, but your branding devices are waxing a little long in the tooth. I can help you refresh your image to whatever degree you desire. Take a look at a few examples in my on-line gallery. My rates for this type of work very greatly depending on the scope of your needs, so please contact me for pricing.

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WEB Just about everyone could use a web presence these days. And while a strong one definitely helps your business, a weak one can just as easily hurt it. I can help you develop a website that's both elegant and professional; one that sends a strong and consistent branding message to your target market. I believe that, for most businesses, a solid visual design is a far more important marketing tool than an abundance of bells and whistles. In my web work, I try to find the perfect balance between the two. See my on-line gallery for some examples. If you're interested, please contact me for pricing.

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